Midnight Boheme is a boutique creative graphic design company specializing in print and digital marketing designs for local businesses and event venues in New Orleans.



With an unbridled enthusiasm for all things New Orleans, Midnight Boheme is proud to contribute to its culture with projects inspired by the rich heritage and diverse nature of this city.



Midnight Boheme operates as a solopreneur in a private Uptown studio office with state-of-the-art resources. Contact designer Laura Kuhn for a free consultation.

Laura Kuhn is an independent designer crafting New Orleans graphics from pixel to print. Experienced in branding, advertising and campaign development, layout and publication design, digital manipulation and photo enhancement, Laura owns and operates Midnight Boheme LLC, a boutique creative design company serving local businesses in New Orleans with captivating copy, digital designs, and marketing materials.


Since 2011, Midnight Boheme has created, designed, and developed small business websites, logo and brand identity graphics, plus a wide variety of print collateral for marketing via rack cards, brochures, catalogs, posters, and multimedia presentations, each project delivered with its own Bohemian twist. Even the name Midnight Boheme derives from Laura’s vagabond spirit fueled by the night when creativity best comes out to play.


As a witty wordsmith, Laura offers her clients the bonus of her writing skills alongside her artful and unique graphic designs. Her signature “visual yumminess,” as a client stated, has sparked the industry to deem Midnight Boheme as “the quintessential graphic artist of New Orleans.” With bold originality and an unconventional approach to her methodology, Laura’s work captures the culture of the city in click-worthy web designs and inspiring digital eye candy.​​

The Midnight Boheme Logo:

The Kraken and its Meaning​

The Kraken, a legendary sea monster, symbolizes inner strength, adaptability, and intelligence. With its set of many arm-like tentacles, the Kraken represents a multi-tasker who can handle many things simultaneously. This personification mirrors Midnight Boheme's ability to juggle many clients, many projects, and many creative services. Folklore has always played a part in Laura Kuhn's artistic inspiration, from mermaids to ghost stories to ​swamp monsters. To weave these tales into fine art and multimedia empowers the history of culture and keeps its mysteries alive.​


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Midnight Boheme is dedicated to serving New Orleans businesses with creative copy, artfully handcrafted digital designs, and captivating marketing materials with a unique bohemian style. The portfolio of Midnight Boheme features original designs for customized logos, promotional materials such as brochures and rack cards, restaurant and bar menus, social media campaigns, original website designs, and multimedia presentations for a variety of local business clients.


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