Jingle, jangle, Jingle Bell

‘Tis the time for Père Noël

He’s our Cajun Santa Claus

Father Christmas, Sneaux Papa!

O’re the bayou, in his sleigh

He takes flight on holiday

Magic reindeer flying free

Gifts appear beneath the tree!


Heaux, heaux, heaux!

We got no snow!

Heaux, heaux, heaux!

Or mistletoe!


In the bayou, we are blessed

With a Southland Winterfest

Twinkle, twinkle like a star

Southern yuletide is bizarre

Wearing shorts, not overcoats

Got no sleds—just fishing boats

Carols sung with Southern drawls,

Magnolia garlands deck the halls.


Heaux, heaux, heaux!

Instead of snow,

Heaux, heaux, heaux!

We got Zydeco!


Bonfires light the levee’s way

To guide reindeer and Santa’s sleigh

Through the marshland, through the creek

To rooftops while the children sleep.

When they wake on Christmas morn,

A magical spirit is reborn

Of glad tidings to one and all

As we Southerners shout, Merry Christmas, ya’ll!




"Southern Style Winterland"

by Laura Kuhn


Thank You!