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Laura's Candies

Project type

Logo / Branding / Packaging / Sign Design



Local candy shop Laura's Candies has an up and coming business called the Popcorn Factory for which Midnight Boheme designed new branding and signage.

Shortly after designing the brand identity and signage for Laura's Candies Popcorn Factory, local candy store owner Brian Boehm decided to start selling his own company’s brand of flavored popcorns in his candy shops in the French Quarter, Midnight Boheme designed labels for popcorn flavors such as Cajun Crunch, Cheddar Cheese, Buttered Movie Time, etc.

Along with popcorn sales, Laura's Candies introduced a new praline line called The Great Southern Praline Company, now available in the French Quarter candy shop featuring the Midnight Boheme-designed logo and packaging.

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