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The Design Pricing Formula

Determining a price quote for graphic services is based on a simple formula.


Two basic factors are included: production activity and non-production time.


Production Activity
Production Management
Project Specification
Turnaround Time
Service and Support
Graphic Inclusions

Production activity includes the hourly services of actual craft (i.e. manipulating images, copywriting, drafting, fashioning overall composition with text, color, and effects, as well as post-production revisions and alterations).

Production Management Time includes the duties that must be completed for each client in order to maintain communication and project progression (i.e. emailing customer, phone calls, meetings, and administrative duties such as uploading files and transferring data).

Additional factors can be included such as project specification, turnaround time, service and support, and external graphic inclusions such as the purchase of a specific font or design element from a third party.

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