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Left Bank Distilled Spirits

Project type

Brand / Logo / Packaging & Website Design



Left Bank Straight Bourbon Whisky is the history of bourbon in a bottle. Inspired by the legend of the Tarascon Brothers circa 1807 who shipped whisky downriver on a winding journey by barrel from the small town of Shippingport to New Orleans. The aging caused by this journey along the Mississippi River resulted in a new spirit called Bourbon. Owners and bourbon enthusiasts Josh Easton and Ken Hagan approached Midnight Boheme in 2018 to pitch their idea for Left Bank and hear the designer's proposal on how to bring the story of distilled spirit to life through a new brand and label design.

Launched in 2020, Left Bank has already won awards, gained celebrity attention with a spotlight episode on Emeril Lagasse Cooks, and is on the cusp of launching its next tier called Shippingport. Thanks to Midnight Boheme's creative storytelling on the Left Bank website,, this unique brand of bourbon is flying off the liquor store shelves!

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