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The Port of New Orleans

Project type

Marketing Collateral / Promotional Campaigns / Brochure Design



In 2017, Midnight Boheme sponsored a fundraiser for MSWIT (Mid-South Women in Tourism) and as a sponsor, graphic designer Laura Kuhn was given a 5 minute platform to speak in front of 300 guests as the fundraiser luncheon. The ballroom was packed, and standing on the stage with the microphone, Laura described her boutique graphic design company Midnight Boheme to the audience of tourism industry professionals.

After the luncheon, the marketing director of the Port of New Orleans approached Laura and asked for a meeting. Soon after, Midnight Boheme became the Port's graphic designer and has worked steadily with Port NOLA and its many outlets including cargo, cruise, industrial real estate, and the NOPB (New Orleans Public Belt Railroad) on a wide variety of projects.

Three years of wonderful collaboration produced a strong portfolio of designs for the Port of New Orleans in Midnight Boheme's ouvre, including the annual holiday greeting cards, Maritime Month campaigns, International Mariner's Certificate, promotional Cruise Lines campaign, Foreign Trade Zone Brochure, Shippers Summit on the River collateral, Financial Plan for 2019, International Import & Export Container Service Guide, PIER Plan (Port NOLA Inner Harbor Economic Revitalization Plan), and more.

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