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Carrolltonian Press

Project Type:

Logo / Merchandise / Website Design

Project Notes:

Custom Designed Logo & Website




New Orleans

Local solopreneur and soapmaker Emily Manger, who owns and runs Sweet Olive Soap Works, has a healthy obsession with her neighborhood where she grew up. Carrollton, an uptown hood within the city of New Orleans, is a laid-back and friendly place that is always over-shadowed by the city at large and seems to be excluded from its own history.

Emily wants people to have pride in the Carrollton neighborhood. To show folks why her slice of New Orleans matters, she created an Instagram page The Carrolltonian and serendipitously became the voice of the neighborhood, an honor she takes humbly and seriously.

In early 2021, she began working with Midnight Boheme to create The Carrolltonian Press as a platform of Carrollton pride, preservation, promotion for its community, past and present.

The Carrolltonian Press website is custom designed by Midnight Boheme as a responsive user-friendly device to discover the online research guide to finding the history of one's New Orleans home, a guide written and compiled by Emily Manger. It also features Carrollton-themed merchandise for sale and a donation opportunity to support the preservation and promotion of New Orleans architecture.

Upon purchasing a super unique, custom designed piece of Carrollton swag from The Carrolltonian Press, customers will enjoy receiving an appreciation card from Emily in thanks for the wonderful generosity.

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