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Houmas House & Great River Road Museum

Project Type:

Brochure / Print Advertisements / Sign Design

Project Notes:

Branded Content




New Orleans

The historic estate Houmas House Historic Plantation & Gardens became part of the Midnight Boheme client collection in 2019, creating a new look and style to their ad branding, including ads that were published in Where Magazine, New Orleans Destination Weddings Magazine, Louisiana Cookin' Magazine, and the New Orleans Official Visitors Guide.

Bringing the beautifully landscaped mansion and gardens to the page, Midnight Boheme also designed a large trifold brochure for Houmas House featuring a special insert page to promote "Hollywood at Houmas House" to showcase the many films shot on location, including the recent Oscar winner, The Green Book.

The romantic Southern gothic backdrop of moss-dripped oak trees and a Greek Revival style historic house presents a perfect setting for weddings at Houmas House, captured in a fresh brochure design by Midnight Boheme to enlighten brides-to-be of the many amenities and features of the property and all it has to offer for a wedding ceremony, reception, and lodging.

In 2022, a new museum opened on the historic grounds of Houmas House called The Great River Road Museum. Midnight Boheme was invited to visit the museum and roomed at the Inn overnight to experience the full magnitude of the property and its impressive museum which presents a comprehensive history of River Road and its Louisiana plantations, resulting in the creation of a detailed brochure to enlighten travelers.

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