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Preservation Hall

Project Type:

Merchandise / Brochure Design

Project Notes:

Branded Content




New Orleans

In 2016, it was a great privilege and honor for Midnight Bohem to become the creator of one of the women's t-shirts on sale at the gift shop of legendary Preservation Hall on St. Peter Street. A design for a specially made soap was also handcrafted for the gift shop called "All Saints" by Sweet Olive Soap Works, which led to working with the soapmaker on redesigning her line of products.

Preservation Hall, where the preservation of trad jazz continues to flourish, keeps traditional Dixieland jazz music alive in its nightly performances. From 2016 to 2018, Midnight Boheme seasonly redesigned the Preservation Hall handbill that is handed out to all patrons upon entrance.

Influenced by the ornate and iconic wrought iron arch over the doorway, Midnight Boheme crafted a jazzy and rustic-inspired handbill for this staple of New Orleans culture.

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